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Please note that this pricing is based on an Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint…) editable file, custom formatting which comes with other formats is not included. Translation memory and glossary are available upon request. According to your project, a custom quote may be necessary we will advise you if it is the case. Our turnaround time starts at 48 hours.



What is the cost for a translation?

All our pricing is displayed in the pricing page. Our pricing is very competitive because you will get the highest quality of marketing translation in a timely manner.

Why is marketing translation more expensive?

Marketing translation is more than a word-for-word translation. To adapt the message from one language to another while maintaining the original brand idea, it requires an expertise in translation, creativity and an in-depth understanding of the audience cultural values. So it does require more time and effort invested which explains the higher cost.

Which payments methods do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card, money transfer and cheques.

Is there any hidden fee?

We are very transparent with all of our customers, when you order you receive a quote with the total cost of your translation, we won’t charge any additional fee once the work is done.

Can I pay after receiving the translation?

For orders less than $500 we ask all of our customers to pay when they receive the quote. if your order exceeds that amount, we will agree on payment terms after receipt.

Why Is There A Minimal Fee?

The minimum fee covers not only the translation but other tasks associated with it; such as context, market research, competition and proofreading.

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